Recover More Money While Generating Less Hostility…

So, as we’ve already discussed, people in debt are different. They’re in crisis mode; full of shame, regret, and anger. And, naturally, you’re the target of their smoldering rage.

You’re the “bad guy,” for simply trying to recover what’s yours.

(It’s not right for them to hate you, of course. You did nothing wrong. But debt trouble can turn any person into a foul-mouthed, irrational, and unpredictable creature!)

The thing is, you’ll do nothing to appease them if you approach them like a typical collection agency.

That means, hounding them with robocalls. Threatening them with foreclosure, repossession, and wage garnishment.

And certainly, it includes sending them cold, detached form letters that are easy to toss.

I want to help you do better.

How? By providing a way for you to initiate contact with the account holder that bypasses all defense mechanisms.

The secret weapon is respect.

Respect, when mixed with a dose of compassion and a clear set of instructions, opens doors that were once bolted shut.

In working with me, you may be able to collect what’s owed to you–faster than you ever calculated. The hostility between debtor and creditor, that you thought was a “perk” of the job? Forget it!

I can help you look like the good guy during the whole recovery process. Your account holder’s attitude will change–for the better. You can reasonably expect, to collect on a sizeable portion of the debt (if not the entirety).

Collecting debt has never been harder than today. Debtors have tools for stalling. They’re encouraged to use them. By whom? Financial gurus, government agencies, friends, and relatives.

Isn’t it about time that you counteracted this disturbing trend?

They're holding you hostage!

It doesn’t have to be this way. Fill out the contact form below and I’ll respond within two business days.

You’ll have the opportunity to continue a private email conversation with me about your overdue account. You can also schedule a free 20-minute, no-obligation phone consult.


Mike “Carrot, not Stick” Devaney

* This unique approach to debt collection works best for accounts over $10K. You must also have a verified mailing address for the account holder.

* You are protected by a money-back guarantee. Simply put, if my methods fail, your money will be refunded. Terms and conditions? Only this. You must follow the steps I outline. No deviation allowed, not even a little.

Strict adherence will either get you results (likely) or your money back (guaranteed). You have nothing to lose. Get started now!